How the body sensor (WSS) works

Smart, modular sensor and analysis system

How valuable is it to be able to monitor remotely the general physical condition of the patient, athlete, soldier or aid worker, in order to analyse and interpret key data on bodily values and environmental factors in real time? Our ingenious Wearable Sensory System (WSS) does just that and makes it possible to give good advice and supervision, or take action immediately in medical, sport and work situations.

Functionalities of the body sensor (WSS)

  • measures numerous bodily values
  • monitors external environmental factors
  • collects, combines and analyses data
  • presents data in graphs and tables
  • provides a total picture of the person’s health/safety
  • forwards data to central monitoring service

The medical control, observation or command post advises and supervises the person in question on the basis of the data received. Lethal or life-threatening situations can be directly identified and action quickly taken

Watch the ‘WSS and health‘ and/or the ‘WSS and safety‘ video.

Easy to expand body sensor
The WSS is a modular sensor system. We determine the required number and type of micro sensors based on an assessment of the personal and physical situation and the home, sport or work environment. The fact that WSS is an open system means the number of micro sensors can be increased as desired in order to refine the analysis function even further. Among other things WSS measures the following bodily values and environmental factors:

• heart rate • breath composition • heart and vascular condition (ECG)
• blood pressure • sweat composition • fat percentage
• blood sugar level • blood values (PPG) • CO2
• outdoor temperature • humidity • other gases
• fat percentage • chlorine gas • skin values (GSR)

The sensor system is invisibly integrated into a specially developed jacket, or is fitted on the outside. People wear the jacket occasionally (for example in the event of calamities), or non-stop (for example during medical monitoring).

How does the body sensor work?

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Strong points of WSS

✓ wearable sensor system
✓ measures numerous bodily values
✓ monitors environmental factors
✓ easy to expand
✓ accurate data analyses
✓ total insight into condition
✓ a healthier, longer life

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Microsensors for data collection
Numerous microsensors each precisely measure and collect a single bodily value or environmental factor. A microsensor is only 0.5 to 2 cm in size. The 5, 10, 15 or 20 microsensors are interconnected and incorporated invisibly into compartments in a specially developed jacket (or on the outside).
Utp wiring for data transport
The basis of the sensor system is the personal utp network: a 0.32 mm thin, strong, flexible data cable which transports data from the microsensors to the nanocomputer. The wiring is woven invisibly into special jackets or fitted elsewhere, such as to a camera on a helmet.
Nanocomputer for data analysis
The microsensors are linked via the utp wiring to a nanocomputer which is just 10 cm in size. These are incorporated into the hip area of the jacket. The nanocomputer combines and analyses data and sends it via a wireless, secure connection to an app or control centre. There the data is interpreted and followed up.

Do you have any questions about WSS?

Are you interested in WSS? Please call +31 (0)6 – 17 67 81 88 or send us an email.