Groundbreaking all-in-body sensor

A total insight into someone’s health and/or safety

New body sensors appear on the market every day in the form of simple wearables which monitor a single activity or bodily value. Often for fun, often inaccurately. By contrast our smart Wearable Sensory System (WSS) provides a precise picture of someone’s general physical condition and environmental factors. The prototype of this body sensor is being developed and is going to be ready by March 2018 at the latest.

All-in-body sensor extends lifespan

The wearable, modular sensor system measures and analyses numerous bodily values and environmental factors of patients, athletes, military personnel and aid workers in action. WSS sends the data to a control, observation or command centre. This remotely monitors the physical condition of the wearer, advises on health and safety and, where necessary, takes action to save lives.

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Monitoring the body and the environment

Body and environmental sensors are rapidly being developed which are easy to incorporate into, among other things, clothing. Monitoring people and environmental factors are, however, two separate disciplines. WSS is changing this situation. With the latest technology in utp wiring and the miniaturisation of sensors, WSS combines all data to create a single complete picture of someone’s condition.

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Research into chemical detectors by the Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research

“As a polymer and organic chemist at TNO I am responsible for, among other things, research into wearable technologies. During a chance meeting with Chiel Spaans at my daughter’s graduation we started talking about the development of the Wearable Sensory System. Now we are in the start-up phase of our partnership. At TNO I am investigating the possible use of chemical detectors. The communication is really encouraging!”
Duurt Alkema | Chemist | TNO

Strong points of WSS

✓ wearable sensor system
✓ measures numerous bodily values
✓ monitors environmental factors
✓ easy to expand
✓ accurate data analyses
✓ total insight into condition
✓ a healthier, longer life

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How the body sensor works

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