Development of the prototype

Subsidisation, goal and phased plan

In April 2017 the North Netherlands Partnership [Samenwerkingsverband Noord-Nederland] (SNN) granted us the VIA subsidy for the development of a prototype of the Wearable Sensory System (WSS). SNN encourages innovation and economic development in the SME sector in the north of the Netherlands. The innovative character of the modular sensor and analysis system was key to this decision. We expect to have a working prototype ready by March 2018 at the latest.

Body sensor: purpose and development process

The prototype is intended to assess the technical operation of the WSS and demonstrate the quality of the data collection and analysis. The prototype is being constructed by the electronics company Sinuss in Assen. For the time being the focus is on a rough, unfinished model with design and user convenience being tackled at a later date. The process (starting in April 2017) covers a period of 12 months and includes a design, hardware, software and testing phase.

Design phase: functional, technical and visual

In a schedule of requirements and preconditions we record, among other things:

  • which functions the WSS has to fulfil;
  • which technical requirements it has to meet;
  • what the sensor and analysis system will have to look like.

Hardware phase: microsensors and nanocomputer

When constructing the hardware we will apply as many existing solutions as possible. We will determine which existing sensors are suitable and will purchase standard computer components. If the right sensors and components are not available, we will develop them together with partners. In addition to this we will incorporate the data cable into an item of clothing. In the absence of the standard solution we will ourselves develop the connectors to connect the sensors to the data cable. At the end of this phase the sensors, data cables and nanocomputer will form a single whole.

More information about hardware development >>

Software phase: proof of concept (POC)

The core of the software is the importing/reading in of the data from the sensors and the combining/processing of data to create a relevant total insight. There is no standard open source protocol for the exchange of data between sensors and processors. Instead there are only manufacturer-dependent protocols. For that reason we are developing a proof of concept of the embedded software. Hewlett Packard Enterprise has made the user software available to us free of charge.

Test phase: total system and separate components

We combine the hardware and software to create a working prototype. We test the model to determine the technical and functional operation of the total system and that of the separate components. Among other things we research and assess whether:

  • the utp data cable, sensors and nanocomputer work together properly;
  • the required/desired information is obtained from the sensors;
  • the nanocomputer can process data in real time and accurately;
  • the number of microsensors influences the speed and accuracy;
  • data is properly processed and combined;
  • the values lead to accurate, precise medical analyses;
  • the utp wiring is resistant to washing, drying and other usage.

Do you have any questions about WSS?

Are you interested in WSS? Please call +31 (0)6 – 17 67 81 88 or send us an email.

Do you have any questions about WSS?

Please call +31 (0)6 – 17 67 81 88 or send us an email.

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